Oahu is a Hawaiian word that means "The gathering place", and the North Shore of Oahu has been a gathering place for the best surfers of the world for decades. Also the home of many accomplished surfing inspired artists like long time friends, Steven Power and Eric Arakawa.
Steven is a world class painter that grew up on the beach in Los Angeles and started surfing while he was still a young boy. Surfing has been the primary pursuit for most of his life. Traveling to distant places in hopes of finding perfect surf was the inspiration for the fantastic dreamlike scenes that he creates today.
With over 20,000 collectors worldwide, Steven has also been commission to do five illustrations (so far) for the Triple Crown of Surfing events. He is one of the featured artist for the prestigious Wyland Galleries across America.
Eric Arakawa is a living legend in the surfing world. Eric has been designing and crafting the high performance surfboards for the masters of surfing for decades. He is known for his innovative and aesthetically satisfying designs and is considered by many to be one of the finest shapers in the world. With over 30 years of experience and have shaped for over 10 world champions. Eric's designs are in constant demand around the globe. Surfers like Andy Irons, Michael and Derek Ho, Mark Occhilupo, Sunny Garcia, Tom Carrol, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson and Shane Baschen, to name a few depend on Eric's expertise to create the surfboards they ride to victory. In 2004 Eric was voted as Surfing Magazine's Shaper of the Year. With more than 20,000 boards under his belt Eric is a master craftsman and a artist in his own right.
20 years have gone by since Steven and Eric first met on the North Shore, and now this two extraordinarily talented surfers come together to create the most beautiful surfboards that you will ever see. An exciting and very collectible surfboard, that Steven himself has called "A time capsule".
A collectors item, this state-of-the-art surfboard symbolizes EXCELLENCE,  BEAUTY, PERFORMANCE  with ELEGANCE.
It is a true celebration of surfing and those who love surfing.
The Surfboards are Signed and Numbered Limited Editions, they vary in sizes and are available with many different images, the suggested retail value is $4500. In the image above, I am displaying a fantastic 7'3 "Liquid Gold". You can preview the surfboards online at or visit a Wyland Gallery near you. Aloha!
"Shining Sea" by Steven Power

"Baja" by Steven Power

"Liquid Gold" by Steven Power
"Glimpse of Eden" by Steven Power


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