Friday, August 27, 2010

Ocean Therapy aka SUP

If you haven't tried yet, you don't know what you are missing!
In Hawaii, there is little that I would rather do than go out on my stand up for a ride, and check out the marine life and the breath taking views of the north shore from the ocean waters.
I usually I take my 19 months old son and my 4 years old daughter along with me, and they absolutely love it!
The other day, we had and amazing experience, when a large school of dolphins came to check us out and for a good 30 minutes they played all around us at Waimea Bay. My son couldn't contain his excitement, he would put his hands up in the air and shouting wohoooo. It didn't cost us anything, but it was truly priceless!
Next time that you are wondering around, without anything to do, get outside and experience the ocean on a stand up paddle board. You can find them for rent pretty easily now, and the workout is great!


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