Saturday, September 17, 2011

So bummed, my iPhone drowned last night!

I got home last night after jogging, to find Steven and our son Daniel hanging out in the hot tub. I quickly joint them, my knees and lower back really hearts after running on the asphalt. I was getting a wonderful back massage from the water jets when Daniel asked me to take pictures of himself while holding his breath underwater and the blue light coming from underwater reflecting on his face was so beautiful that i could not resist the temptation of bringing my iPhone inside the tub to take the pictures... and i can't believe it, I dropped it in the water!
It is that difficult to make a waterproof iPhone or any smartphone for that matter?
I feel so stupid! Now I am back to the PC, without my favorite toy and the convenience of a good smartphone.
Well life goes on, i have no idea how long i will be without a phone, it sucks, but could be worst!

Enjoy your weekend and keep your electronics far away from the water!
Much aloha,



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