Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terminating capitalism will not make a fairer world.

"Corporate profits do not add to inflation. They make the economic pie larger, and everyone shares in those benefits. Corporate profits are what have created the amazing world we inhabit, the longer lives we enjoy, and the unprecedented standard of living – which far too many of us now take for granted!
Inflation at root is caused by government policy and debasement of currency.
S-Corporations do not pay taxes because the person(s) who own those corporations pay them instead.
Separate “capitalism” which is good – very good – from “crony capitalism” which is bad. Reserve your fire for those corporations like GE who paid no taxes. How many taxpayers does it take to make up the $5 billion that GE SHOULD have paid? Root out crony capitalism with “separation of state and corporations” and we will all live in a fairer world.
Get a flat tax with no deductions. Like Hong Kong has and which has worked for them so well they reduced the tax rate from 17% flat tax to a 15% flat tax!
Do you think Anarchy is a good idea? Visit Cambodia and report back to me.
Do you think Communism is a good idea? Visit North Korea and report back to me.
Do you think Socialism is a good idea? Visit any one of the PIGS countries in Europe and report back to me. Try to get healthcare in Canada or England and report back to me.
Once you open your eyes, you realize that things were never so bad here after all. We just thought it was."


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